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Jumpstart Pro ships with an admin area for browsing and managing your application and users.

Admin Area

The Jumpstart Pro admin area is a great place to take a peek into your application. You can access any of the models you have generated a dashboard for and provide customer support easily through it.

A dashboard is provided in the admin so you can see important metrics. By default, we show you details about your total and recent revenue and the number of users and active subscriptions to your product. You can customize this to add your own metrics as you build your application.

The admin area is available at /admin and only accessible to admin users of your application.

Admin Users

To set a user as an admin, simply update their admin flag: Jumpstart.grant_system_admin! user from the Rails console.

Users have a flag on the model named admin. When admin is true, the user will have access to /admin and a link will appear in the navigation when they are logged in.

For security, the /admin url returns a 404 for non-admins.

Impersonating Users

You may login as another user by clicking on a user in the Admin Users dashboard page located at /admin/users and clicking the "Login As User" button from their show page. A banner will appear at the top of the site noting that you're logged in as another user.

To stop impersonating the user, simply click the "Logout" link in the impersonation banner.

Using Administrate

To generate an admin dashboard for a model, you can run rails g administrate:dashboard MODEL_NAME.

Check out the GoRails screencast episodes on Administration and the Administrate GitHub for more information on how to use Administrate.