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Installing Jumpstart Pro

To install dependencies, set up, and configure your application follow the latest instructions in the repository:

Rails Installation

iOS Installation

Android Installation


This screencast will walk you through cloning Jumpstart Pro's git repository, installing dependencies, and setting up your brand new application so you can easily merge updates from git.


Jumpstart Pro provides useful configurations to make development easier which are mentioned in more detail below.


Use the bin/dev command to run your application's processes.

As usual, you'll need to run several processes in development.

  • rails server - starts your Rails application server.
  • yarn run build - bundles Javascript using esbuild
  • yarn run build:css - bundles CSS using Tailwind CLI and PostCSS
  • sidekiq - or whatever background worker process you have configured

These commands are defined in Procfile and Procfile.dev so they can be started and shutdown together.

You'll also need to make sure the PostgreSQL, Redis, etc servers are installed and running externally.

Overmind & Foreman

Overmind and Foreman are process managers that start/stop the processes defined in Procfile.dev. Overmind is recommended because it allows you to join a process and interact with it. Unfortunately, Foreman is incompatible with binding.irb, pry, or similar debuggers therefore you cannot join and interact with a process as you can with Overmind.

Install Overmind with Homebrew:

brew install tmux overmind

You can then run your application anytime with:


Overmind Tips

# Debugging with byebug, binding.irb, etc: connect to the `web` process to be able to input commands:
overmind connect web
# Then disconnect by hitting [Ctrl+B] (or your tmux prefix) and then [D].

# Restart a process without restarting all the other ones:
overmind restart web

# If something goes wrong, you can kill all running processes:
overmind kill

Docker & Docker Compose

If you'd like to use Docker, we provide a Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml example configuration you can use as a starting point.

docker-compose up

Then open http://localhost:3000

To run the Rails console, run:

docker-compose exec web bin/rails console

Developing on Windows

If you'd like to run Jumpstart Pro on Windows, we recommend using WSL2. You can find instructions here: https://gorails.com/setup/windows

Alternatively, if you'd like to use Docker on Windows, you'll need to make sure you clone the repository and preserve the Linux line endings.

git clone git@github.com:username/myrepo.git --config core.autocrlf=input