Installing Jumpstart Pro is easy. We'll walk you through it.


Jumpstart Pro requires the following basic dependencies to run. If you haven't setup Ruby or Rails before, check out the GoRails Install Rails Guide.

MacOS users can use the included brew commands to install dependencies using Homebrew.

Ruby. We recommend using asdf for version management for Ruby, Node.js, etc.

Bundler - gem install bundler

PostgreSQL - Our primary database. - brew install postgresql

Redis - for ActionCable, Sidekiq, and/or caching - brew install redis

libvips - for processing images (avatars, file uploads, etc) - brew install vips

Yarn - for installing Javascript dependencies - brew install yarn

Foreman - for managing running processes in development. - gem install foreman

Optional Dependencies

Stripe CLI - for Stripe payments and webhooks in development. - brew install stripe/stripe-cli/stripe


This screencast will walk you through cloning Jumpstart Pro's git repository, installing dependencies, and setting up your brand new application so you can easily merge updates from git.