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Jumpstart Pro has support for integrating your app with several third party services.

To enable an integration you can do so in the Integrations section of the Jumpstart Pro configuration wizard UI located at /jumpstart.

Screenshot of Jumpstart Pro Integrations configuration wizard

Error & Performance Monitoring

Jumpstart Pro can configure these services for you for reporting errors and performance in production.

AirBrake Error and performance monitoring
AppSignal Error and performance monitoring
Error and uptime monitoring
Rollbar Error monitoring
Scout APM Performance monitoring
Sentry Error monitoring
Skylight Performance monitoring

Marketing & Support

Jumpstart Pro can configure these services for you so you can keep reach your customers.

ConvertKit Email marketing Gem
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Drip Email marketing Gem
Intercom Customer engagement and support Gem
MailChimp Email marketing Gem

Jumpstart Pro auto-configures API clients for Convertkit, Drip, and Mailchimp. You can use Jumpstart::Clients to access the clients.

Here are some examples of how you can subscribe your users to mailing lists:

# Add a subscriber to ConvertKit
Jumpstart::Clients.convertkit.add_subscriber_to_form(form_id, email, options={})
Jumpstart::Clients.convertkit.add_subscriber_to_sequence(sequence_id, email, options={})
Jumpstart::Clients.convertkit.add_subscriber_to_tag(tag_id, email, options={})

# Add a subscriber to Drip
Jumpstart::Clients.drip.create_or_update_subscriber(email, options={})

# Add a subscriber to Mailchimp
Jumpstart::Clients.mailchimp.lists("").members.create(body: {email_address: "foo@bar.com", status: "subscribed", merge_fields: {FNAME: "First Name", LNAME: "Last Name"}})