Jumpstart Pro provides some useful configuration for making development easier.


As usual, you'll need to run several processes in development.

  • rails server - duh. 😜
  • yarn run build - bundles Javascript using esbuild
  • yarn run build:css - bundles CSS using Tailwind CLI and PostCSS
  • sidekiq - or whatever background worker process you have configured

You'll also need to make sure PostgreSQL and Redis servers are installed and running.


To make running multiple processes easier, you can install foreman and use the supplied for managing them. Foreman should be installed globally and not in your Gemfile to prevent issues with dependencies.

gem install foreman

You can then run your application anytime with:

foreman start


While not required whatsoever, if you'd like to use Docker, we provide a Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml example configuration you can use as a starting point.